General Requirements

  1. You must be 16 or over.
  2. You must have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone.
  3. Zealots of Shiverpeak asks that you represent the guild at all times, with exceptions below. We are a community with a rich history, and by joining, you agree to be a part of it and help us continue building strong bonds.
    1. Initiates (new recruits) and Zealots are allowed to remain on their current server. Northern Shiverpeaks will remain our home server and all officers, Mist, and Veterans are required to be on NSP.
    2. We expect members to represent ZoS in all public game modes.
      1. 100% rep required in WvW for Mist/Veteran/High/Arch ranks; Initiates/Zealots are encouraged to rep ZoS in WvW but it is not required.
      2. 100% rep required in PvE maps (non-instanced).
    3. Do not hide behind “invisible” to not represent.
    4. Here are some of our exceptions to the 100% rep policy:
      1. Use of personal guild banks.
      2. Sanctioned Events in PVE (ex. Triple Trouble Wurm, Orr temple zerg, Tequatl).
      3. Visiting or claiming Guild Halls.
      4. Story missions.
      5. Fractals.
      6. PvP.
      7. Dungeons.
      8. Raids.
      9. Other exceptions may exist (we’re reasonable and friendly people, when in doubt, ask an officer).
  4. Follow the ZoS Code of Conduct. Simply, respect your guild mates and be respectful of the Guild Wars community.

Code of Conduct

  1. Do not bring the guild into disrepute. Anything you do while wearing the ZoS tag can reflect on the guild. This also includes conduct on forums, Facebook and not actively representing ZoS in game.
  2. We expect our members to conduct themselves in accordance with the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement, Rules of Conduct and Naming Policy.
  3. Treat others with respect and courtesy. Hateful remarks, even if intended as a joke, will not be tolerated. Depending on the nature of the remark(s)/offense an officer, at their discretion, may issue an unwarned strike (please see How Strikes Work) or a possible demotion.
  4. If you have an issue with the guild, another member or just need someone to talk to, please contact an officer. We try to make this the best place it can be for everyone. We also have a Suggestion Box if you wish to make an anonymous comment.
  5. Teamspeak, guild chat, map chat and the forums have an expected level of maturity. This is not just behavior with regards to swearing, but grammar as well. Unacceptable behavior includes: repeat posting, using guild chat as a trade channel, impatience (posting hello? anyone? why aren't you responding? etc.) over usage of 1337 speak, (includes wut, R in place of are, U in place of you etc.).
  6. Newly released content is considered a spoiler until 4 weeks after its release date. During this time period we expect that members do not discuss new content in guild chat or in Teamspeak (exception: Spoilerific Central channel) . Failure to do so will result in a strike. After the 4 weeks have expired we still ask that you do not spoil content for someone on purpose (see #3).
  7. Anything in a "members only" area of the Guild Forums is for guild members only. Do not share private information outside the guild.
  8. Those who leave the guild without prior notice will only be invited back if they are voted back in by the officers.

How Strikes Work

When a member breaks our rules, they will receive one "strike" from the Officers. The primary purpose of a strike is to demonstrate to the member in question that their actions, intentions, or general behavior go against the spirit of [ZoS]. Strikes themselves are known only to the Officers and by no means "black-list" a member: they serve only to ensure that members abide by the [ZoS] rules and should not be interpreted as a sign that Officers are "out to get you." Below are more details on how strikes work:

  1. A member will receive one strike for each offense. Officers, at their discretion, may give a warning before issuing a strike.
  2. Strikes remain in effect for 3 months. After 3 months have passed, the strike is removed. Should a member receive any additional strikes during this period, the new strike will add 3 more months, making the total time for strikes cumulative.
  3. Should a member reaches 2 concurrent strikes, they will be demoted from their current rank to Zealot (if applicable). Any progression in ranks after this demotion will occur normally as it would with a standard Zealot member.
  4. Should a member reaches 3 strikes simultaneously, they are able to be removed from the guild. It is at the Officer's discretion to do this immediately upon the 3rd strike, or put it to an Officer-wide vote.
  5. If a member is removed without an Officer vote, they have the right to appeal this to the Arch Zealots. At their discretion, they can call for a vote to re-invite the removed member.
  6. If an Officer vote is called and the Officers elect to give one final chance, the member will remain at 3 strikes for 3 months, and any other offenses during this time will result in an immediate removal from the guild. This removal cannot be appealed. The remaining strikes are removed at the 4 and 5 month marks.
  7. Any removed member will not be permitted to re-apply for a 6 month period. After this period, they are allowed to re-apply, but note that Officers will only re-invite if the member can prove there will be no further issues.
  8. New members (Initiates) will remain in a probationary period for 1 month. During this time, if a strike is issued, the member in question will be removed from the guild. This removal can be appealed, following the instructions above.