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May Announcements

ZoS Day coming June 10 with fun activities and prizes all day celebrating ZoS 14 years as a guild this year.
Welcome to our newest members who just joined ZoS in May: Credo, Manucab, Mist, Seinaru, Seledhor, and Tae

A special May Lottery in honor of ZoS Day is in progress with a chance to win a precursor Dawn and other prizes along with gold. The results will be held on ZoS Day June 10, you can send your gold to Elder, Smokey, Wolf, or Yoss and they will provide you with your ticket number(s). Please make sure to include your account name in the mail as well. We'll be pulling the winning numbers using random.org, you do not have to be present to win; maximum tickets is 25 tickets (1g=1 ticket) and bonus ticket are given for every 5 tickets purchased with a maximum of 2 tickets.

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Sky - 2017-06-03 18:17 UTC

April Announcements

Welcome to our newest members who just joined ZoS in April: Kytt, Genlog, hi im Rypi, Liberator, and Ike

The FIRST ticket to be drawn is 16, congratulations Brando, winner of 244g
The SECOND ticket to be drawn is 492, congratulations Ferry Fairy, winner of 122g
The THIRD ticket to be drawn is 349, congratulations Yossarian, winner of 41g
The BONUS ticket to be drawn is 41, congratulations Shinjin, winner of 50 ecto
Congratulations to the winners! 102g added to the Guild funds which will help fund the upcoming ZoS Day prizes. Thank You everyone!

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Sky - 2017-05-06 19:37 UTC

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