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[ZoS] 10- year Anniversary and Event Schedule!

Good day everyone!

Zealots of Shiverpeak [ZoS] is commemorating our 10-year anniversary as a guild and the 9th anniversary of the Guild Wars universe. In celebration, [ZoS] will be hosting a day of events, prizes and giveaways! Various events organized by [ZoS] will run throughout the day with prizes awarded to the winners, and drawings will occur every hour for unique skins, materials, and even precursors. Tickets for the drawings will be sold for 1 gold each on the day of the event (limit 100). It all begins today, Saturday, April 26th at 11am server time. Below you'll find more information about [ZoS], the schedule of events, and the list of available prizes - more information will be given as the day progresses via the [ZoS] TeamSpeak. We look forward to seeing you at the festivities!

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RangerrGodd - 2014-04-20 02:27 UTC

Welcome the next cycle of High Zealots

Elections have come and gone again, and we're happy to welcome the next group of High Zealots. Congrats to both new and recurring Officers!

Nestor Hrin
The Col Sanders
Evelyn Sedai
Brydd D
Cyan Dar
Severen Severen
Mercenary Bodyguard
Dr Ninja Turtle
Lemi Winks

#edit by Belorn: (Smitry and Ancalagon Ira was officers).

Nestor Hrin - 2014-03-16 22:10 UTC

Rescuing 1200 citizens

This Saturday we went into LA with the intention of saving 1200 citizens for the large reward. It went very well with us saving 1200 minutes at the 43 minute mark. Pictures below. We organized 11 groups on TS to patrol certain areas of the map about 20 minutes before the spawn of LA. With how well the event went, we would like to try and go for 1200 citizens every other day at varying times. With dividing up our sides and using this map http://i.imgur.com/ASh3J9V.png, we had 47 among 11 teams.

2/24 Monday: 2pm server time (meet up at 1:30pm server time)
2/26 Wednesday: 5pm server time (meet up at 4:30pm server time)
2/28 Friday: 9pm server time (meet up at 8:30pm server time)

Screenshots from 2/22
Screenshots from 2/24

RangerrGodd - 2014-02-23 08:09 UTC

Congrats to all our new officers

Thank you for all the dedicated work. The Zealots of Shiverpeak have grown, and many amazing people have stepped up to take High Zealot positions. Congrats to all our new officers.

Dr Ninja Turtle
Eno Trohs
Ike Witt
Lemi Winks
Mercenary Bodyguard
Severed Severen
The Col Sanders

You all deserve it!

Belorn - 2013-12-15 22:38 UTC

New Arch Zealot: Godd

Congratulations to Godd for being promoted to the rank of Arch Zealot. Your contribution and leadership make you an invaluable part of the guild.

Frosty - 2013-10-30 22:58 UTC

New Recruitment Process

Over the past month or so we've seen a huge influx of applicants to the guild. We're always happy to have new members join our ranks, but we feel the rate at which we've been bringing people on, and the way we've been doing it, doesn't give enough focus on making new members feel like a part of the guild the moment they join. Going forward, we're going to make a few changes to how we handle recruits.

Going forward, we will be starting a Zealot mentoring program that will pair new recruits with an officer to help them learn their way around ZoS. For details, please check out the recruitment section "Read here before applying" post.

Frosty - 2013-10-23 21:07 UTC

aug/sept officer election is now active

choose your top 14. viewtopic.php?f=50&t=5570

geist Null - 2013-08-21 20:32 UTC

Weekly ZoS activity schedual

*No events are mandatory*


Beginning 6:00 PM PST(1 hour after daily reset time)
Guild Bounty Tier 2
Guild Rush
Guild Challenge
Guild Puzzle


12:00 PM PST (5 Hours before daily reset time)
Guild Bounty Tier 3
Guild Rush
Guild Challenge
Guild Puzzle

2:00 PM PST
Jumping Puzzle - viewtopic.php?f=60&t=5435

3:00 PM PST
Map Completion - viewtopic.php?f=60&t=5261


Public WvW night. Join Pointe and others for some resetesque antics. Team formations at 4 and the fighting starts around 5pm pst.


Achievement Completion/Character Progression-keep a close eye on announcements for this evenings events. with living story changing constantly, each week may well be different.


choose your own adventure Dungeon/Fractals Night

Grab a group and run some dungeons, if you are under geared and want to get something better, tonight is your night … [More in forum]

geist Null - 2013-07-19 17:56 UTC


This week (20-24th of May), the site is undergoing some maintenance and will thus at time be down. Sorry for any inconvenience. The Asura are working as hard they can, through if you see a wrench being thrown, run for cover!

Belorn - 2013-05-20 11:56 UTC

Updated Guild Calendar

Everyone please check out the updated and revamped Guild Event Calendar!

May Guild Lotto Has commenced. Get your tickets today!!

Helena Tremere - 2013-05-03 15:18 UTC

First Guild Mission: 30+

Today we launched our first Guild mission, a guild bounty for rank 1 and 2. After some heavy fighting in wvw where two worlds were taken in 4 hrs, we started the event just at time for daily reset.

In vent, we had around 30+ people, and a total of 50+ on the map. Both bounties was finished with clear margins to the timer, and with relative ease. One boss was found to be a bit annoying, but the others went down rather fast. Team photo at the end, and then we returned to wvw.

Belorn - 2013-03-03 00:42 UTC

Friday-Saturday 8th/9th Feb 2013

Amazing Job ZoS!

On server reset, we entered NSP BL with large numbers of ZoS, Bots, Os, LOOT, Envy, TBCT and many others! ZoS and Bots Shared vent and Jay Dual vented with Os for coordination! Our job was to hold Godlore and Astralholme camps! I ( as ar as i could tell) loaded first on the map immediately followed by swarms of ZoS soldiers! we quickly captures Astral and Gods and began our upgrades! Bots Held Arah and Os in many large teams defended Bay while our lord saviour Ronny held hills like a true hero!
BP Captured bay and Arahs. which led to a prolonged fight in the DB arah Garrison triangle. While my team held the triangle between gar, EH and Astral.
Many attempts were made on Arah. Astral and Gods by both BP and AR, But thanks to the Allied Strike teams of ZoS and Bots Arah suffered only minor loses wheras Gods and Astral NEVER fell once to enemy hands.

[More in forum]

Smitry - 2013-02-09 17:37 UTC

The First High Zealot Elections

The first High Zealot elections have begun. If you would like to nominate someone, visit the forums and look for the global announcement. Nominations will continue until Monday morning, followed by 1 week of voting. Go take part in some Tyrian Democracy!

Frosty - 2012-11-16 17:12 UTC

The Zealots have Reclaimed Their Domain!

Domain name, that is. A few years ago, a bitter, dastardly ex-member of ill repute stole our domain name from us, and refused to return it. Luckily for us, he allowed the name to expire, and we were able to reclaim it. Zealots 1, Trolls 0

Frosty - 2012-11-13 17:37 UTC

The Zealots Have Returned to Tyria!

The Zealots of Shiverpeak have firmly established ourselves on the Northern Shiverpeaks world, and are welcoming back our former members, as well as opening our doors to newcomers. We're working hard to earn influence and upgrade the guild, and have already made quite a splash in World vs World, capturing Stonemist Castle for our guild within the first day of release!

Frosty - 2012-09-07 19:08 UTC

ZoS housecleaning for Guild Wars 2!

As you may have noticed, the Zealots of Shiverpeak website and forums have been tidied up a bit, and given a new look. If you are an existing member, you'll need to log onto the the forums and add your GW2 character name to be re-added to our member roster. If you aren't an existing member, that's ok…not everyone can be perfect. Just stop by our forum once GW2 comes out and get in touch–we're always looking for awesome people to add to our ranks!

Frosty - 2012-08-20 16:07 UTC

Who are we?

Zealots of Shiverpeak is the oldest Guild Wars guild and we live by the ZoS Code!

Zealots Reset Nights

Each friday we have a blast doing large guild groups in WvW. We run circles around our enemies, holding our keep and towers free from invaders, while collecting stacks of Badges of Honor while doing so, and massive amount of World Experience. If you want to join us on next Friday, drop a message in the forum or contact one of our officers.

ZoS dungeon train

We make a goal, and we do it. Only took us 10 hours and 27 minutes, but we took down all explorable dungeons in a row!

experimental page for the ZoS website, click here!