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We are pleased to introduce the ZoS Raider List. This is a tool we've created he help organize regular weekly raiding groups by availability. Below you will find a Form to fill out, it has a few basic questions to gather some information. Accompanying the form is a spreadsheet that records the data from the form. There are two sheets, The first called "ZoS Raider List" is the raw info from the form. The second, called "Weekly Availability", filters the data from the first page and groups by each day of the week.

Details can be found in the General Guild Chat section of the forums here

Frosty - 2015-11-13 22:34 UTC

Guild Decorator Rank

Good day Zealots!

With the progress being made in upgrading the guild hall we would like to take the opportunity to inform you all of a new and exciting rank that we are sure some of you are itching to try out!

The Guild Decorator rank will initially be available to all existing Mist and Veteran Zealots. Those who qualify are able to request a temporary transfer (of approx a day) to this rank from an officer upon which you will have access to the guild decoration features within the guild hall. This will also enable those who Scribe to upgrade existing decorations stored in the guild vault to fancier versions.

If you are not yet a Veteran or Mist zealot, and would like access to this feature, please contact an officer to discuss promotion prospects and future eligibility.

One final note, I am sure it goes without saying, but please do not abuse the decoration feature, and destroy the hard work of others (especially if it is pretty!) … [More in forum]

Lem - 2015-11-12 21:27 UTC

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